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Overcome The Diet Mentality and See Food Differently 
Stop wasting time on diets! You may see results but are you able to make them last? Does the weight seem to come right back?
  • Understand: WHY you eat the way you do.
  • ​Overcome: Overcome old food habits.
  • Create: Create more presence & happiness in your life.
  • Establish: Establish daily rituals that serve you.
  • Learn: Learn to eat mindfully.
Margaret Schwenke, CHHC, CEPC
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Deeply Understand Yourself
Do you feel humiliated and frustrated after countless unsuccessful attempts to manage your weight?  In this course you will learn why you make the decisions you make with food and feel empowered in your new ability to make choices that serve YOU.  
Learn Self-Care and Discipline
Does your life feel out of balance?  Do you feel like you can't control yourself with food?  When life bombards us with stressors we can fall into bad habits, especially when it comes to food.  Now you can learn the unique elements of self care that work best FOR YOU!  You will get in touch with your emotions and feel more control in your decisions.
Create Confidence In Yourself
If you are exhausted by the negative voice in your head berating you about your weight, what you can and cannot eat, and how other people see you... there is a solution.  I will teach you how to create clear new guidelines that you can rely on indefinitely.  Your new mindset will translate into a level of confidence and self-love that you have always wanted.
Margaret Schwenke, CHHC, CEPC
Hi!  I'm Margaret, and I'm passionate about helping you be the best version of yourself.  My own struggles with health, disordered eating and body image issues created a desire in me to help people look deeper at life's challenges, to find the why and then the how, to overcome.  After healing my body from a disease that the medical community told me would be a life-sentence, I went back to school to study Nutritional Psychology... essentially, how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create our decisions, which in turn creates our health.  I have been in practice since 2011 helping hundreds and hundreds of women ( and a handful of brave men ;) transform their relationship with food and overcome their unwanted eating habits.  I want to help you do the very same thing.  Life is a series of moments and while we can't change the things that happen TO us, we most certainly can change how we choose to see those events and how we will move forward as a result.  You have unique gifts and talents to share with the world.  If your nutrition, food and body image is getting in the way of you sharing your brilliance with the world... I want to work with you.  You deserve to feel better and the world deserves what you have to offer.  xo, Margaret 
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What's Included In The Course
A quick overview of how the course is structured and what you can expect. Download the Authentic Nourishment Roadmap that will be your guide through my 3-step process in discovering:
  • WHY you see food the way you do and why it's a MUST for you to change now
  • HOW to create your own mind body strategies to reach your goals
  • WHAT you’ll need to do to sustain this new relationship with food
Focusing on the Food Choice Model, this module will discuss how different aspects in your life, environment and emotions determine the decisions you make surrounding food. The Food Choice Model will give you the foundation of how you came to have the relationship with food you have today.

Download the Food History Worksheet and start documenting how you came to eat the way you do.  Who was your major food influencer?  Was there an event that changed the way you thought about food?  Take a deep dive to see where it all started.
Without a roadmap and a reason to get somewhere different, we're stuck in place.  Create the vision of your ideal self and get more clarity about the exact issues you want to overcome.  Discover the underlying reasons why you need this change and see what's been standing in your way.  You'll get crystal clear on YOUR driving force. 

Download the Morning Routine and Small Daily Habits Worksheet which will help you start the day off with intention.  You'll adopt a small habit to optimize metabolism and start practicing more awareness throughout your day to help you become more conscious of your thinking surrounding food.
Each of us has our own unique blueprint that determines what makes us happy.  This is different for every person and it's what determines our priorities... which then leads us to make certain individual choices.  In order to make food and lifestyle changes, we definitely have to know what's motivating our decisions.

In this module, we also take a look at the connection between gratitude and an an increased feeling of well-being. Start recording what makes you happy and learn different ways to stay in gratitude within this module's journal pages.
In this module, we do a deep dive into the subject of how to transform emotional eating.  We are emotional beings and therefore can’t completely separate emotions from food... but you CAN learn to recognize when your eating behaviors are reactive and start to practice a different response. 

Food can sometimes be used as a way to soothe or distract from an uncomfortable thought or feeling. In this module, we’ll use worksheets to practice slowing down with food and core mindfulness skills to direct those impulse urges. 
Learn a different way to think about food. We all know that diets don’t work, they only serve a purpose until the wheels fall off and we binge eat on those forbidden foods.  When you can be fully present to your choices with food and fully present to the experience of eating, you become aligned with an awareness of what’s really important to you and can choose accordingly.

We will also discover the relationship between stress and digestion and how that can affect weight.  Become more aware of HOW you eat, and not just what you eat.
Find out why “good food” versus “bad food” traps you in a judgmental mindset.  Learn to tune in with your body and uncover what will really nourish you as an individual.  Break the societal norms placed on you by this black & white thinking and start discovering what will sustain you and bring you nourishment.  

Explore the nutrition guidelines and understand a simple food philosophy that will serve you indefinitely.  You'll practice removing the judgement and seeing food for the value it provides.   
Now it’s your turn!  Using the template provided in this module, create your personalized eating plan.  Use your new level of awareness, the things you have learned about yourself, your self care, and nutrition to put your plan of action in motion.  Create the path that will support you toward your best self. 

Download your worksheets on Keys to Self Mastery to ensure your success.
You’ve done it!  A few words of encouragement just for you.
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Margaret Schwenke, CHHC, CEPC

Margaret Schwenke is a Certified Eating Psychology Counselor and Certified Holistic Health Coach with education in Culinary Arts, Mind Body Nutrition, Dynamic Eating Psychology and Science of Willpower.  

Margaret helps women all over the world improve their relationship with food and create peace and purpose in their lives.
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